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JUDr. Katarína

Podhorská Surkošová, LLM.


Katka has been working in our office since 2008, and since 2011 as a lawyer.


She works in the field of electronic communications, where she participated, among other things, in the preparation of bids for tenders for the granting of terrestrial operating permits for the provision of digital terrestrial multiplexes. It deals with the legal aspects of television and radio broadcasting and retransmission as well as on-demand audiovisual media services. At the same time, she also deals with the issue of copyright and the related preparation of contract.


In addition to the above, Katka focuses on the field of labor law as part of her work in our office. She is also close to the field of commercial law, where she provides legal advice regarding the corporate agenda as well as the contractual agenda.


In addition, Katka is dedicated to the development of complex legal analyzes and the preparation of contracts of a diverse nature according to the requirements of clients.

She actively communicates in English.



Cambridge Business

School, Praha


The Slovak Bar Association


Trnavská univerzita,

právnická fakulta


Ministry of Justice SR

2002 - 2007

Comenius University Bratislava

Executive Master of Laws (LLM)

​Specialization in commercial law and commercial corporate practice

Bar exams

Studies completed with the title JUDr.

Bankruptcy Trustee Exam

Studies completed with the title Mgr.


+421 905 446 000

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